Is your community experiencing voluntary or enforced quarantines? Impacted or wanting to be of help? You can get or give support now!


Step 1

Register or connect with your community

Step 2

Set up a one-time user account within your community

Step 3

List and/or respond to requests for support

Step 4

Deliver and/or receive the groceries, childcare, or other needs requested! 

Receive Support

Are you facing voluntary or enforced quarantine? The Get-Support tool is here for you – and so is your community! Whether you find yourself in need of errand run, groceries, childcare services, or more, you can post your request on our secure, web-based platform  and start receiving support today. 

Login today using a key from your registered community to start receiving the support you need. 

Ways to help

Healthy and willing to run errands for members of your community in enforced or voluntary quarantine? Sign up to volunteer your services and respond directly to requests for support through the Get-Support tool! You’ll be able to respond to anything from picking up groceries to providing childcare to running errands and more – and to do so in a safe and sanitary way.

Register Your Organization

Your community is being impacted by quarantines and you want to respond, but it’s a lot to figure out and administer. The Get-Support tool is here to help. Register your organization to set up a custom, automated, digital space where members of your community can directly and securely post or respond to requests for assistance. 

Learn how this works

Check out the user guide for step-by-step information on setting up a user account, posting and responding to requests, and site administration. 

What people are saying…

“It’s a really cool way to anonymously help people. So if you want to get out there and help people, here’s your opportunity.” 

Nathan Adams

Outreach Pastor, Moncton Wesleyan

“I believe Get-Support is a tool that connects us now during this pandemic and is useful beyond this time; it will continue to keep the church in touch with the community.” 

Jo Anne Lyon

Founder, World Hope International

“For FourSquare Disaster Relief, we’re super excited about using Get-Support as a tool to increase our ability to impact communities impacted by COVID-19” 
Chad Isenhart

International Response Director, Foursquare Disaster Relief

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